Flying through the air

Lesson 6 – gliding

After lesson 3 it was established that I really had a slight, small, little problem of coming down because my mind just races and I have this feeling bubbling underneath in the bottom of my stomach making me nervous.  So for today's lesson of gliding, the instructor had to first warn me today that as we… Continue reading Lesson 6 – gliding

Flying through the air

Lesson 3 – Straight and level, stalling

And did I panic?... I associate it with getting on a roller coaster ride, up to the point where I'm strapped in and going up the highest point I'm fine, it's the down I hate as I left my stomach back at the peak! So this is my 3rd lesson.  The 1st lesson was fun as… Continue reading Lesson 3 – Straight and level, stalling

Flying through the air

Flying journal – the beginning

After a much needed catch up with a high school friend this weekend, we end up laughing at young impressionable minds as we mimic our favourite tv shows and end up talking about selling old school blazers.  Now that I think about it, in society we talk about young impressionable minds but, is it really just a young… Continue reading Flying journal – the beginning