Flying through the air

PILAPT – which software? (Part 1)

Software (overview) As every wannabe (professional) pilot trying to enter into an integrated course with entrance exams will know, pilot aptitude tests (PILAPT) are a necessary evil and are akin to the psychometric tests in the office based world. ┬áIf you search online you will come across several companies offering to sell you their scientifically… Continue reading PILAPT – which software? (Part 1)

Flying through the air

A long taxi to the runway (Part 1)

"I didn't have a dream..  [But I am now] 1 of only 15% who never dreamed of ever becoming a commercial pilot, but is on course to be one." Present day, 12 January 2017: I didn't have a dream....  As a child of expatriate parents, survival was the default mode, and just as well for me… Continue reading A long taxi to the runway (Part 1)