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Managing expectations

Now that I’ve survived ground school, I have only one word to describe the journey, ‘hell’.    When you sit in that interview room as part of your entrance exam process and the examiner asks you, “how do you think you will manage ground school?” All I can say to that now is, ground school… Continue reading Managing expectations

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Remembering why you’re there

I had worked out that to be able to do 14 ATPL exams in 6 months, including all the exam periods and how CTC schedule the program, you as a cadet on average 2 weeks to learn a topic. With mandatory minimum classroom hours, it also meant that you could ill afford to take a… Continue reading Remembering why you’re there

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Understanding Wx

Does anyone actually understand weather? So as I wind down from another bout of exams, I begin to see textbook theories whirl into life with especially MET (Meteorology). When I went home a couple months ago the weather was stunningly hot, so hot it was almost like a blocking high pressure system was sitting over… Continue reading Understanding Wx

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Ground school time

It's been a while since I’ve posted but for good reason since starting ground school. I’ve run down so many pens I’ve lost count, cut down so many trees for paper and sucked out energy from my iPad faster than my 8 year old mobile phone, and have since lost track of time. What is… Continue reading Ground school time

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Reminiscing on interviews on assessment day

I remember this one, the group and one to one interviews for a couple of reasons.   I remember the group interview because on the day of my assessment, the 12 of us struck up a decent rapport seeing that we were 12 strangers stuck in a room together (OK, we moved into three different… Continue reading Reminiscing on interviews on assessment day

Travel stories (physical)

Ode to mountains (Poem)

 'You're not my first, you're not my last, but when I look up, I love and gasp. Standing in shadow in awe of you, my heart has flown, my legs turn glue. Colluding with the changing skies, you bellow down and call to me. With all the differing landscape styles, I wonder what today will be.… Continue reading Ode to mountains (Poem)

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PILAPT – which hardware? (Part 2)

Now that you have chosen your PILAPT software (click here for the post: PILAPT - which software), you are now ready for the hardware, that is the joystick and keypad.  Most if not all schools with PILAPT assessments will recommend that you (at least) buy a joystick because this will be part of how they… Continue reading PILAPT – which hardware? (Part 2)

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PILAPT – which software? (Part 1)

Software (overview) As every wannabe (professional) pilot trying to enter into an integrated course with entrance exams will know, pilot aptitude tests (PILAPT) are a necessary evil and are akin to the psychometric tests in the office based world.  If you search online you will come across several companies offering to sell you their scientifically… Continue reading PILAPT – which software? (Part 1)

Mental travel stories

Understanding weaknesses

If you had asked me five years ago I would have told you that I was so afraid of heights that I couldn't even stand calmly riding up a department store elevator, and I live in Scotland, how high really are our department stores? But I felt the serious jitters as I fought hard to… Continue reading Understanding weaknesses