Hi and welcome to my site.

After writing journals, first on paper – old school, I know! I then moved into the blogging world. I originally started with my travel stories and thoughts site on dizzytravelling.blogspot.com but have created an additional site here to include my flying journey.

As any good writer will tell you, to be a good writer you have to read and write. Then read and write, then read and write some more. So I did. And did some more. Over time I realised that although my thoughts, perspective and views were forever expanding and changing as I travelled and kept pushing that comfort zone further out, I also found myself still continuing to find a place to belong. ¬†Over time I also realised that travelling was not just a physical entity as the location didn’t matter as such, it was the experience(s) I went through that changed me, and is continuing to challenge and then change me. This is when I understood that I was really just another participant in the pursuit of lifelong learning. Something, I don’t think, will ever end.

So here’s to a never ending story. I personally hope that I can continue to see the beauty in life.

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