Hi, and welcome to my site.  I’m Izzy, and I am just one girl in a world of billions. I hail from a small but beautiful country that is Scotland and started non fiction blogging many years ago as I moved from my paper journals to the internet (previously on Blogspot).

After years of just writing random thoughts about travelling and things of interest, I have now sorted and arranged these stories into categories for easier navigation.  The three main categories:

  1.  A collection of stories about my travels (physically)
  2.  A collection of stories about my mental travels as a lifelong learner
  3.  A collection of stories as I become a commercial pilot – Flying though the air

You will find these ‘category’ on the right side of each page.  If you are using a mobile device then this is located at the bottom of the page.

I first started ‘writing’ in childhood, but when I look back on those journals its a cringfest of incoherent words.  Years later as the internet and social media platforms advanced, I started blogging as a way to keep a track of what I was doing and had done, as well as letting friends and family know what I was up to during my backpacking days of travelling.  The more I travelled the more I struggled to find a place to belong.  Over time I realised that travelling was not just a physical entity, and it was at that point where I really started my pursuit of lifelong learning.  This was also where my pen name Dizzy Travelling became both a play on my name and on the word travelling, due to its many forms.

As I embark on an exciting new journey of becoming a commercial pilot, I am now also able to share with you my experiences in that.  If you read post Long taxi to the runway (part 1), you will find that this was not something I ever thought about doing, until two years ago.

So come, join me as I try to cut above the clouds. 


[NOTE:  I am currently still moving my posts from Blogspot and reorgansing them here.  Please bear with me while I do that….]





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