Free things to do in Hamilton, NZ

Yes those things do exist!

1. Parks. Parks. Everywhere!

‘Wellington beach’ which is really a little area where you can safely swim in the River. During the summer heat you’ll find it quite busy. If that’s not your thing you can walk the entire river on either side of the city, with bridges every so often allowing you to cut across to the other side anytime you want. If you walk south you will walk past Hamilton Gardens. If you walk north it will take you very North i.e. out of the city.

Different parks also have different exercise structures to play with i.e. climbing spider frames, slides, single pull up bars, monkey bars, see-saws, water fountains (for humans and a separate one for dogs).

Hamilton Council cycling and walking network

2. Waikato Museum and ArtPost Gallery

A small museum with some cool pottery and niche paint work currently on display. There is also a war memorial and Maori culture display. You would probably spend about an hour or two hours here max but its a good place to go if its raining or just want to saunter about and chill for a day. After that you can check out the even smaller art gallery next door to it to pick up any souvenir arts stuff if you like that sort of thing. There is a free (currently up to 2hours I think) car park right beside the museum.

Waikato Museum and Artpost Gallery

3. Fireworks displays (seasonal)

I don’t know why it is but there is a random day in March where there was a fireworks display at Innes Common, South Hamilton. It may or may not happen next year but you can find events going on at

4. Waikato Balloon festival (seasonal)

Held at the end of March, it is a week of hot ballooning actions going off across the city. Usually they gather around Hamilton Lake area to take off and events kick off before the crack of dawn to all the way through the day. Check out their website for the program for that year.

Waikato Balloon festival

5. Hamilton Garden

Currently they have some really beautiful concept gardens, in some parts of the year it has holds outdoor events and if all else fails, if its a good day take a picnic and chill ~~.

Hamilton Gardens

6. Cycle paths and cycle parks

Ok so this one is not really free if you need to hire a bike, but the use of the paths and parks are free. You can hire bikes at the i-site centre town, or bike shops a plenty in town. You can also pick up a map of the cycle paths from the i-site centre, or if you’re looking for something a bit more there is a BMX park (however this is a membership pay and use park) and the Pukete Farm (MTB) biking park (free) to the North of the city.

Pukete Farm Park

7. Hamilton Farmer’s Market

Again, technically if you want to buy something it’s not free, but going to look-see is. Based in Hamilton East it’s on every Sunday 8am to noon. Don’t forget to bring your recyclable bags with you, save the planet blah blah.

Hamilton Farmer’s Market

Additional websites to check out for additional info:


Hamilton and Waikato New Zealand

i-site Hamilton

Department of Conservation – Parks and Nature


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