Preflight (CTC) take off checks (Part 3)

13 January 2017:

Waking up the next morning feeling like I had been sat on by an A380 (Airbus), I hauled myself out of bed.  I had no choice, check out had to be complete by 10am and I had thirty minutes left.

I threw my backpack into the luggage storage, made a short hop to the supermarket to grab some easy breakfast before heading back to the hostel where I sat in the common room intending to drink my just purchased hot coffee, eat a croissant (which is rare for me since I do not normally eat those things) and surf the net waiting for lunch time to tick over so I could meet V for lunch.  As I signed onto wifi my phone vibrated, who could that be, it‘s early?  

The next minute was all a blur as I read my email….  I sat there in the large open area on a very uncomfortable long and wooden bench surrounded by more tables, more long wooden benches, other guests, and read the email again.  I then did a weird mix of light stamping and shaking of my feet.  An instant grin usurped my face and I quickly covered my mouth with both hands.  I read it again and took a photo shot of the email.  Sending the photo shot to V…….   I read the email again.  Was I reading this right?  Even as V was congratulating me I sat there dazed.  What?  I put down the phone to process.  Is this happening?  I sent my Dad a confirmation text message that I had made it.  I re-read the email.  Then I sent the photo shot to T and L.  Is this happening?  Suddenly I found what was supposed to be a relaxing two hours wait before meeting V for lunch disappear like a water droplet in the ocean; where did the time go, is this real?  I just desperately wanted sleep…  Or was I really still just sleeping?


Although it has now been 48 hours the news still has not quite sunk in yet.  My mind and body is still continuing to recharge, slowly.  When I saw the results email I was so relieved that all I wanted to do was cry and then sleep as I felt the weighted burden disappear, just like that. A burden which I had put on myself, but the hard work and perseverance paid off.  I did it, I managed to walk through the door as CTC held it open for me.

Though this is just the start of an extremely hard, though exiting, journey, I am also overwhelmed by the joy which this news has also brought to those around me. It was especially comforting knowing I had all my friends and family standing behind me when I was waiting in the lounge area waiting for my reassessment to begin.

So now what?  Well I need to arrange funding, my medical certificate and arrange for life insurance to cover my loss of license before I can begin my course.  So this is what I will be doing in the next few weeks, along with tying up loose ends here in Scotland.  I have since also been contacted further by CTC Aviation’s careers team.  Yes they have that department too, another reason why I chose the school, and there are plenty.  You get an assigned person to see you through the transition, which is helpful as they can also point you in the right direction to retrieve the documents they require before I can start the course.

Is this real?  


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