Lesson 10 – Stalling

Even though I got over 8hrs sleep I still felt groggy, like I do normally on any weekend morning. It’s almost like I save my sleep until the weekend, except I sleep over 8hrs per day on weekdays too! Yes people I’m worse than a bear, I hibernate 11 months of the year.

Pilot’s log book

Whilst my friends are getting used to the idea, that’s when I say “I’m flying” to them and they don’t respond with a “where you flying to?”, of me disappearing at least one day of the weekend, I’m getting used to the flying. Today was my 10th lesson, that’s a log of 8hrs to be precise, as lessons don’t really mean much as a lesson can be as long as you want it to be, and things went surprisingly well, and I mean well! I taxied much smoother to the runway, I took off for the second time with more control instead of being swept away by the crosswind along the runway, and I actually landed for the first time (albeit instructor aided) very smoothly!  Of course today being a bright sunny clear and minimal wind day helped, a lot!  Today I surprised both my instructor and myself!  I’m now thinking I lifted the bar unnecessary for following lessons, (Izzy you idiot!).    

As we did a post flight review the instructor did say to me, “you did well, I was worried about you”. And I knew exactly what he was trying to say as I was worried too; that I wasn’t quite cut out for this as I struggled to remember everything, battled with the trimming which I still “faff” about with and if I’m going to be honest, really had no sense of control of the aircraft. I have to also admit, today was the first time I didn’t actually feel nervous inside the aircraft, it certainly took me long enough. I wonder if it’s just a one off and next week I go back to my cave girl style flying – push this, nope, what does this do, what was I suppose to do here, what was that again, oh crap I forgot to check something… What does this do again? Uh, I’ve forgotten.  Can’t remember.

Only the first of seven manuals (textbooks)o

So today after only 15mins of flying and having already reviewed everything I’ve learnt so far – flying straight and level, gliding, trimming, use of flap, climbing, descending and turning, stalling was introduced to me. I suspect like everyone else, when the word “stall” is applied next to a vehicle the thoughts of an engine going ka-putt (out) pretty much comes to mind! I was today so corrected. In aviation terms (in short) it means, not having wing control.  Another words, when you turn the steering column there is very limited if any movement at all so you can’t turn, and/or you feel (because you don’t) have control of  the aircraft. Of course that’s just the summarised version of it, I still have to read the chapter on stalling in my manual to know the implications in detail.  Oh the joys of flying also comes the joys of studying and memorising so many things.  But as I keep a smile on my face and pat myself on the back for a good lesson today, I head home with today’s notes in hand.  


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