Lesson 6 – gliding

After lesson 3 it was established that I really had a slight, small, little problem of coming down because my mind just races and I have this feeling bubbling underneath in the bottom of my stomach making me nervous.  So for today’s lesson of gliding, the instructor had to first warn me today that as we practise gliding and getting a feel for it, it doesn’t mean the aircraft will fall out of the sky.  Aircrafts are built to glide through the sky so even when the engine is off it won’t just drop down and crash.  OK…..  I guess this experience can be best described as you putting your moving car into neutral and letting the car move until it stops from the lack of power keeping the car’s momentum from moving forward.  OK….  I can do this, in the sky I just have more….  Space….

A great day for gliding

The lesson consisted of 2 parts – climbing and descending.  The climbing part was fine as by this point I was already taking off on my own.  The descending though, not so much as my mind continued to battle against the idea that no power (i.e. no engine) doesn’t mean everything suddenly stops working instantaneously and I drop and plunge to the ground.  Though the lesson of climbing and descending in itself is pretty simple, even remembering to my checks before, during and after my maneuvers, this lesson, if you hadn’t got the gist of it by now, was more of a mental for me.  It’s hopefully something I can get over soon!  Seriously!  I really don’t like the feeling that I’m going on a roller coaster ride every weekend, bleh..


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