What’s in a name?

Everything apparently when your trying to buy luxury goods.  With the flight school’s headsets making my ears bleed after every session, and I mean my ear canals would still be hurting days after the lesson, while sometimes not even fully recovering by the next lesson, I decided it was high time I bought my own headset.  Of course having no idea and wanting a good decent and comfortable pair which would protect my ears at a reasonable price, otherwise there really wouldn’t be a point buying my own, how do I choose?

1st stop Internet.  And of course my flight instructor too.  One name that kept popping
up as old reliable was David Clark, the you can’t miss I stand out a
mile away green headsets.  At nearly £200 for the cheapest pair I wasn’t sure, and it was a big(gish) purchase for someone you’re not sure.  I say biggish as alone the headsets seem expensive, but in comparison with the whole learning to fly shenanigans, the cost really isn’t that expensive. So I did the next best thing without too much compromise, eBay.  Surely enough there were quite a lot of second hand sellers online.  After several more weeks of deliberation I did it, put in a bid for a better model but obviously several years old secondhand headset.  Having had a very bad experience of fraud with auctions before I was extremely hesitant with this buy!  Of course I am talking about a fraud that took place over 10 years ago, and I know myself programs and processes have moved on, a lot!  Hello I use mobile banking apps, like that was even conceived of ‘back in the day’.  But that negative image remains.  So after deciding to just go for it, with a little help from the dangerously convenient eBay app, and a frantic last 5 seconds bid to win the headset, I received my new(ish) headsets by the end of the week.  Too convenient, no wonder my friend is a shopaholic! It’s been around 8 weeks now and I’m still absolutely 100% satisfied with my purchase.  The headset is like new, if there’s scratches on them I really don’t see any.  The headset itself are so comfortable, it’s easily adjustable, the headset helps to protect my ears, not so much white noise, there’s a clip for the wires which doesn’t sound all that exciting but it’s quite important as I’ve caught the wires on so many occasions cause they’re dare I say, a little too long.  The ear and mic covers are brand new, the headset is clean and to complete it there’s a bag thrown in to help store the headsets.  What more can a girl ask for?    

for the brand itself, be it on the news, tv programs, even down to the film I saw last night, I keep spotting those very unique green coloured headsets.  Something I definitely wouldn’t have even noted a few months ago!    


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