Flying journal – the beginning

After a much needed catch up with a high school friend this weekend, we end up laughing at young impressionable minds as we mimic our favourite tv shows and end up talking about selling old school blazers.  Now that I think about it, in society we talk about young impressionable minds but, is it really just a young thing?

I first became aware of flying when I came across a TV reality (staged of course) show called Flying Wild Alaska. It’s a series following a family where the father is the founder of Alaska’s local airline company, and of course the airline’s pilots. Out there in Alaska’s remotest places there are no roads and so the only viable form of transport between town to town is by bush planes (small commercial aircraft).  With a love of the outdoors I already have my eye on Alaska as a place to visit, but after I started watching this show, flying also started to creep into my mind.

So begins my flying journal…


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