Well the conversation to the GP went like this: Me: "Can I book an appointment to see the GP?" Receptionist: "Are you registered here?" Me: "No" Receptionist: "That will be NZD$84.... Which country are you from?" Me: "I'm actually a visitor from abroad so I'm not sure of the procedures here" Receptionist: "What country are... Continue Reading →


Trains: I never quite appreciated the public transport network back in the UK cause let's face it, compared to the rest of Europe its pretty sh*t! The trains are extortion, meaning its cheaper for me to fly budget airline to a European city than it is to go anywhere domestically; you are programmed to believing... Continue Reading →

In a true series of comedic relief, only it wasn’t funny, I didn’t think this day would come. After a couple of weeks of not ‘getting’ the touchdown part of my landing technique, which resulted in a few remedial flights; that is my circuit flying all the way down to within 10 feet of the... Continue Reading →

Only 30 minutes drive out from Hamilton, this is one track I surprisingly loved! A short but reasonable fitness, and a bit of a challenge, tramp. Tirohanga Track - Intermediate (bottom section) turning into advanced (top section). Time taken, 1hr one way. Return the same way you came. Ruapane Track - Advanced. Time taken, 1.5hrs... Continue Reading →

In Te Awamutu, this tramp will take approx 2hrs. Fitness difficulty: intermediate due to the long but steady ascend. Tramping track - intermediate with some steps and walkways, other parts are all 'natural' trail. Listed as advanced by DOC I was expecting this tramp to be a bit more difficult but if I had to... Continue Reading →

The most northern section spanning 11.5km one way. After another restless and broken sleep of a night, I finally drag myself out of bed to find that the car is still in the driveway. Now that I live in car share world finding a free car for the entire day is, rare! So what is... Continue Reading →

After a bout of crazy busy traffic filled flights I was relieved to finally be on rota for an evening training flight, only my flight was cancelled, too strong a winds. Darn you Mother Nature! (And, I didn’t really mean it, don’t hurt me!). With that, no further scheduled flights and days off (the instructor's... Continue Reading →

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